SHORT STORY: Passion Is Necessity

With your back against the wall I wrap my hand around your throat and kiss you passionately… biting at your lower lip… fighting back the need… I slide my hand around the back of your neck and pull you forward… I jump up and wrap my legs around your waste as your hands come up under my ass helping me keep my balance and you carry me to the closest ledge… leaning over so my back is on the counter I keep my legs wrapped around you as I feel your dick start to rise… I remove my shirt and pull you back down… whispering in your ear “I need to taste you” as I lick and nibble at your neck, I feel your hands brushing against my thighs as you unbuckle your jeans… you pull ur pants down and rub your hard dick around in my juices… I move trying to take you inside of me and whimper as you pull back… but you bring it to my lips letting me lick my pussy juices off the head… I get on my knees and look up at you making sure you watch as I take you in my mouth… I feel your hands fist in my hair, shoving your dick down my throat… you pull back a little and a moan escapes my lips… you set the rhythm with your hands as I stroke and suck your dick… getting it nice and wet… slow and fast… teasing and pleasing… you pull me up and bend me over the counter… I can feel the sting of your hand as you plant a firm spank on my ass before filling my pussy… I can feel myself stretching for you, to fit it all… You grab my hair and pound into me… I’m arching my back to try and take you deeper… my pussy starts to convulse as my release takes over and a moment later I can feel you sliding out as you coat my ass and back in your seed…


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