WRITE: Midday Snack

I crawl on top of you… gyrating my hips, grinding on you while I tease your nipples over your shirt until I feel you start to rise.. I climb off, remove all your clothes and climb back on… my hands and fingers tease a trail over your neck, ears and lips before my mouth starts to follow… then down to your collarbone, nipples, and down your abs… always my hands or fingers followed by my mouth… I place kisses on your hip bones and start to tease your thighs.. I want to see you drip (just a little bit) before I taste you, I start to nibble at your thights getting closer and closer so you can feel my heated breathing caress your nuts and the base of your hard cock… when I see the little drop of precum glisten at the head of your dick.. I flash you a devilish, hungry smile and lick it off, before licking in long wet strokes down to your nutsac and repeating until every inch of you is wet… then I grab the base and take you in my mouth, I try to take my time and draw out the tease but you taste so good.. I take you in my mouth as far as I can.. sucking nice and hard as another little drop of precum rolls onto my tongue… I moan in delight..

I stroke you while I ask you to cum for me papi.. and then I work on sucking you dry, working my mouth and hands up and down while my tongue teases… I feel your hands fist in my hair as your release hits the back of my throat.. I get up and head for the kitchen… what do you want to eat? ūüôā


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