WRITE: And switch…

. . . the keys jingle from the door handle as I twist the knob and enter my house, I feel the firm grasp of his hand on my arm, the door closes and he chokes me up against the wall, I can see the passion in his eye before he greedily takes my lips as his possession, and my body gets week with need. He loosens his grip and starts to descend, “behave my sweet slut” he whispers as he pushes my shirt up and trails kisses down my stomach while dropping to his knees, my skirt slides down and he notices I’m without panties, as he demanded of me this morning before I left… he licks and teases, taking me higher and higher but not letting me come down, I’m begging for my release, when I hear the words float up to my ears “you, my pet, will cum when I tell you”… I can feel my sweet desire dripping down my thighs as his mouth takes my clit, he slides two fingers in and works my pussy just the way I like… “NOW MY SLUT!” and with a third finger he slides into me one last time and my shudders make me slide down the wall as my precious release coats his hand and chin. . .

. . . “My turn, stay there” I command. I come back a few minutes later with my sexy black stiletto thigh-high boots and nothing else. “Crawl to me my love, and let me see need for no one else but me in your eyes”… I walk towards our bedroom backwards as he crawls before me. I lay on the bed – “strip for me”, he obeys. His so solid cock and sexy strip tease have me wet to my knees… but I’m determined to stay in control, this is my first in this role and I’m loving every minute. . .”stroke it for me”, (he does) while I begin to run my middle finger up and down my slit stopping to spend extra attention on my clit as I watch… “NOW FUCK ME!”, he walks to the bed were my legs are already spread wide, grabs my thighs pulls me to the edge of the bed, and in one powerful thrust enters me as deep as he can and a loud moan of pleasure escapes my lips… I claw his back and lean forward to take a nipple in my mouth. “cum now”, I feel his hot seed fill me while my orgasm ripples thru me, milking the remaining cum from his hard dick… withdrawing after a few moments, I place a kiss on the tip of my favorite cock, cant wait for more I whisper in his ear, and then I walk to the shower. . .


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