POEM: Bathtime Instructions

1. Set the Mood

Turn the knobs,
Pour the bubbles,
Kill the lights,
Ignite the flame.

2. Close your eyes

Lust washs over (his) face,
Pours down (his) body,
Filling (him) – my favorite cock,
Thick & Long,
The color of chocolate syrup,
Just the thought makes my mouth water

3. Put your imagination to the test

Light kisses find my ears and neck,
(his) soft tongue finds my breasts,
(his) nibbles find my nipples,
a moan escapes my lips

4. Let your hands caress your body

(He) grabs my thighs… forcefully
pulling me up on his shoulders
biting my thighs…………
licking my juices……
sucking my clit…

5. Let your fingers start to probe

Entering me with one pourful thrust (keeping me sane)
(He) begins to work his magic inside of me
In and Out, never losing the rhythm
Out and In, further and deeper

As I meet his passion he thumbs my clit,
I claw his back and juggle his balls
Then I hear it:
half moan, half command





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