WRITE: Daddy’s Property 

I kneel before you… Wearing only my collar… U tell me to turn around and I oblige… I bend over and arch my ass up in the air… I already know what u want… So I reach between my legs and spread my lips… After I’ve given u a good view of ur pussy, I start to slide my fingers up and down… Spreading my juices around before I slide them inside… U grab my hips and pull me back closer to u… I don’t stop…. I feel u spread my ass cheeks and spit down the crack of my ass as I continue to finger my pussy… I feel ur thumb slide up and down then into my ass…. “Taste urself” I hear u say, as I slide my fingers out and start to lick and suck the juices off my fingers… I feel ur tongue and lips start working my pussy as ur thumb slides in and out my ass…. My moans are getting louder… I feel u put ur head under my legs and pull me down onto ur face… I’m riding ur tongue as I put my hands behind me… Teasing ur nipples… I feel ur lips wrap around my clit until I cum all over ur face… I slide off u and kiss u… “Is it my turn now daddy?” I ask with a smile… “Yes mami” u reply…

I start to stroke u while I continue to lick my juices off ur lips… Ur rock hard… I can’t wait to taste u… But I want to drag out the tease a lil… So I kiss n lick on ur neck… As I continue to rub all over ur dick… Then I make my way down… One nipple then the other…. Kissing n lickin down ur abs… As I get to that dark chocolate cock just waiting on me… I see a lil precum… I spread it around the head wit my thumb before I lick it off… Then place kisses down ur dick til I reach ur nutsac… I lick n kiss… N slurp em up… Gettin em nice n wet… Then licking in long wet rows from ur nuts til the head… Until ur wet all over… I spit on ur dick and take u into my mouth as far as ull go… I moan at the way u feel on my tongue… I look up at u… Watching me… As I take u into my mouth until I choke… Ur dick is coated in spit and I start to go to work… Sliding my lips up and down… Stroking ur fat dick with both hands… Letting my lips tease the head…. “Fuck daddy u taste so good”…. I keep sliding my mouth up and down… Sucking and stroking… I slide my one hand down to play wit ur balls while I continue to moan around ur dick… Sucking n jerking…. And then I hear it… Those word I’ve been waiting for… “I’m gonna cum for u mami” and my juices drip down my thighs as ur seed coats my tongue… I don’t stop until every last drop is swallowed… Then I place a soft kiss on the tip of ur dick… “Thank you” I say with a devilish smile, “I needed that.”


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