WRITE: Day At The Park

DISCLAIMER: This write is more kinky then my other writes n not for close-minded readers…

I show up at your house -blindfold you- and guide you into my car. We drive to a deserted field, still blinded, I walk you over to a small tree where I take your shirt off and lay you on the ground then tie your hands around the base of the tree.

I straddle you and place a kiss upon ya lips as i whisper to you “I hope you like today… It’s all about ya pleasure”, then I move my mouth over your earlobe and start to suck, before licking down your neck and further until i reach ya chest – I get to ya nipples… licking, sucking, teasing… I take a little bite then reach into my bag for a pair of clamps. I get ya nipples good and hard then apply the clamps – one on each of them. I kiss my way down ya stomach and begin to take your pants off… getting them as far down as ya knees when i look up see you looking so sexy jus laying there submitting your control to me.

I can feel my juices runnin down my thighs. I take a moment to play wit my pussy before i rub my fingers across your lips and demand that you taste them. You seem pleased so i straddle ya face and let you have a better taste… Just before I reach my orgasm i stop and go back to what i was doing… I give the chain attached to the nipple rings a little pull to make sure you can still feel them, light a candle and place it out of the way.

I take a small vibrator and place it under ya nutsac on a very low vibration. I cover ya cock wit my mouth – strokin and sucking. I remove ya blindfold because I want you to watch me. My eyes are open looking at you while my mouth is full working all of you in and out… you’re straining for release so i drop my mouth to ya nutsac and slurp em up while i stroke you to a climax… then have you watch me as i lick the cum off your chest and stomach, with a little still on my tongue i ask if you’d like to see how we taste together, you agree and i lick the outline of ya lips before putting my tongue inside.

I put the blindfold back on and bend your knees up – tying em losely to your arm ropes – more to keep em out of my way then for restraint. I lay down in the grass with my head between ya legs… gently lifting ya nuts up and teasin ya ass wit my tongue…. licking around it, gently probing it with the tip of my tongue. I continue to tease with my finger while the other hand grabs the burning candle. I pour hot wax on you from a distance letting you get use to it before I pour the wax in little droplets over your clamped nipples and tight abs.. I pour the hot wax from high above your thighs watching your cock jump in excitement.

I put the candle down and grab a pencil thin vibrator and a little leather whip from my goody bag … I trail the whip over your thighs.. chest.. neck.. letting it’s gentle caress tease you further.. I remove the clamps and fasten a vibrating cock ring around the base and nutsac… slide the condom over you and untie your legs… I gently slide down on ya erect cock baskin in it’s hardness (and the view of anticipation and pleasure written across your face) before turning around with my back to you… I’m slowly rocking on you, letting your cock fill all of me while i begin to tease your ass with the tiny vibrator, before inserting the tip… i continue to ride your cock, faster now while your body adjusts to the vibrator and start inserting the vibrator in at a faster pace… I can hear your moans echoing all around me as I ride the wave to my first orgasm, you feel my pussy squeeze you tight as i climax and it brings you over the edge….

I take the blindfold off you… sit on your mouth… and let you know I’m getting mine one more time, before the ropes come off… 😉


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