POEM: Bathtime Instructions

1. Set the Mood

Turn the knobs,
Pour the bubbles,
Kill the lights,
Ignite the flame.

2. Close your eyes

Lust washs over (his) face,
Pours down (his) body,
Filling (him) – my favorite cock,
Thick & Long,
The color of chocolate syrup,
Just the thought makes my mouth water

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POEM: Lost Memories

Memories of you dance in my head to the beat of an erotic rhythm;
Vivid images of you sliding in and out of me, sweat glazing over us;
Thoughts so real I can taste your kisses on my neck as I try to push you away;
But… in the reality of my day dreams, I can feel your caress wrap around me;
Your tongue traveling every curve of me, my body begging for the release only you can provide;
Owned is this pussy, as it drips down my thighs waiting for your touch;

But I can feel you slipping away… so as the music ends… my memories fade to tears.

POEM: Musically Provocative

I press the buttons just right before the serenade begins…
I’m on my back lettin’ the notes rub up and down my thighs as the lyrics lick on my ear…
I can feel the music altering my mind and body…
My body’s gyrating, wet and ready; every race, creed and culture accepted…
And then it hits me, this musical train vibrating through me – awakening every sense…
That beat strokes me inside and out just right, as the lyrics wrap around my soul and penetrate my core…
My body starts to reach them high notes as the song comes to a climax…

Pure. Ecstasy.