WRITE: And switch…

. . . the keys jingle from the door handle as I twist the knob and enter my house, I feel the firm grasp of his hand on my arm, the door closes and he chokes me up against the wall, I can see the passion in his eye before he greedily takes my lips as his possession, and my body gets week with need. He loosens his grip and starts to descend, “behave my sweet slut” he whispers as he pushes my shirt up and trails kisses down my stomach while dropping to his knees, my skirt slides down and he notices I’m without panties, as he demanded of me this morning before I left… he licks and teases, taking me higher and higher but not letting me come down, I’m begging for my release, when I hear the words float up to my ears “you, my pet, will cum when I tell you”… I can feel my sweet desire dripping down my thighs as his mouth takes my clit, he slides two fingers in and works my pussy just the way I like… “NOW MY SLUT!” and with a third finger he slides into me one last time and my shudders make me slide down the wall as my precious release coats his hand and chin. . .

. . . “My turn, stay there” I command. I come back a few minutes later with my sexy black stiletto thigh-high boots and nothing else. “Crawl to me my love, and let me see need for no one else but me in your eyes”… I walk towards our bedroom backwards as he crawls before me. I lay on the bed – “strip for me”, he obeys. His so solid cock and sexy strip tease have me wet to my knees… but I’m determined to stay in control, this is my first in this role and I’m loving every minute. . .”stroke it for me”, (he does) while I begin to run my middle finger up and down my slit stopping to spend extra attention on my clit as I watch… “NOW FUCK ME!”, he walks to the bed were my legs are already spread wide, grabs my thighs pulls me to the edge of the bed, and in one powerful thrust enters me as deep as he can and a loud moan of pleasure escapes my lips… I claw his back and lean forward to take a nipple in my mouth. “cum now”, I feel his hot seed fill me while my orgasm ripples thru me, milking the remaining cum from his hard dick… withdrawing after a few moments, I place a kiss on the tip of my favorite cock, cant wait for more I whisper in his ear, and then I walk to the shower. . .


WRITE: Full Service Foreplay

You text me early in the day talking about your stressful and busy workday. Since I can’t help fix it, I start planning a welcome home gift. I get dinner ready, put on your favorite lingerie and light my candle that burns into massage oil.  I greet you at the door when you get home and drag you to the bedroom. You remove your shirt and lay on the bed and I start massaging your shoulders asking you ’bout the day. Then I take the candle and pour a little oil onto your back. I start to work the hot oil into your tense muscles, working the stress away.

As I feel your body start to relax. I place kisses on your skin and ask you to roll over. I straddle you and nibble on your lips. I begin to move my hips as I deepen the kiss. My hands move over your chest and I tease your nipples with my fingers. I start kissing down your neck. Sucking just a little as my hands wander lower. I move my mouth to a nipple grazing it with my teeth while my hands work on getting your pants off. I rub you over your boxers while my mouth switches to your other nipple and I can feel my pussy getting wet as you harden under my touch. I start to draw little circles over your dick while I kiss down your abs. Feeling them flex the lower I get.

I pull your boxers down and place a kiss on the tip. I stroke you softly while I give you a devilish smile. I start to massage your thighs with my mouth and hands… hoping on a drop of pre cum before I taste. I lick from the balls all the way up to the head in long strokes. When it’s nice and wet I begin to stroke it while my mouth goes to your balls. Tounging them. Teasing them. Sucking. Moaning at the pleasure of pleasing you… I spit on the tip getting you good and wet as I suck down the shaft. One hand gripping the base and balls while the other strokes up and down following my mouth. My tounge is working your head and my moaning is getting louder.

I’m excited to taste. I start stroking with both hands putting a lil twist in the motion and speeding up the pace. As I’m comin up I take my wet palm and move it over the head. Without skipping a beat I get right back to sucking and stroking. I suck in my cheeks for a tighter grip. And I can tell your almost there. Your hands are in my hair fisting up and I feel your dick start to pulse on my tounge as your cum dribbles down my throat. I make sure you have nothing left to spill. Place a kiss on the tip and go to the kitchen to make u a plate.

WRITE: Midday Snack

I crawl on top of you… gyrating my hips, grinding on you while I tease your nipples over your shirt until I feel you start to rise.. I climb off, remove all your clothes and climb back on… my hands and fingers tease a trail over your neck, ears and lips before my mouth starts to follow… then down to your collarbone, nipples, and down your abs… always my hands or fingers followed by my mouth… I place kisses on your hip bones and start to tease your thighs.. I want to see you drip (just a little bit) before I taste you, I start to nibble at your thights getting closer and closer so you can feel my heated breathing caress your nuts and the base of your hard cock… when I see the little drop of precum glisten at the head of your dick.. I flash you a devilish, hungry smile and lick it off, before licking in long wet strokes down to your nutsac and repeating until every inch of you is wet… then I grab the base and take you in my mouth, I try to take my time and draw out the tease but you taste so good.. I take you in my mouth as far as I can.. sucking nice and hard as another little drop of precum rolls onto my tongue… I moan in delight..

I stroke you while I ask you to cum for me papi.. and then I work on sucking you dry, working my mouth and hands up and down while my tongue teases… I feel your hands fist in my hair as your release hits the back of my throat.. I get up and head for the kitchen… what do you want to eat? 🙂


I lay curled up in your arms, surrounded only by the noises of our slowing breathe, play by play still fresh in my mind. I kiss your neck and thank you for taking your time, after a few minutes pass, I whisper in your ear “Domnilow papi! We ain’t done yet”. Now, I take my time with you, sucking and nibbling on your lips, playin’ wit ya chest and kissin’ down your tummy…

Just teasing you, letting my lips get devilishly close to that tasty dick but not touching, just letting my hot breath tease you more. I sit over your chest, knees on both sides of you and start playin with my pussy (teasin’ myself with how close I am to your lips), but I won’t let you taste…. It’s my turn! After I’m about to give in to that talented tongue I slide back down and start to slide my wet pussy over your now hard dick, getting it nice and wet…. Before I take it all into my mouth. I work the shaft with the hand and twirl the head around in my mouth… all soft and gentle.. just teasing you. Then I slowly start to go faster and harder, working the shaft with both hands…. And my mouth… in sync…. Slow it down, to let you dig your hands into my hair…. I begin to moan as you pull my hair and offer added resistance, while I am to please you….