SHORT STORY: Passion Is Necessity

With your back against the wall I wrap my hand around your throat and kiss you passionately… biting at your lower lip… fighting back the need… I slide my hand around the back of your neck and pull you forward… I jump up and wrap my legs around your waste as your hands come up under my ass helping me keep my balance and you carry me to the closest ledge… leaning over so my back is on the counter I keep my legs wrapped around you as I feel your dick start to rise… I remove my shirt and pull you back down… whispering in your ear “I need to taste you” as I lick and nibble at your neck, I feel your hands brushing against my thighs as you unbuckle your jeans… you pull ur pants down and rub your hard dick around in my juices… I move trying to take you inside of me and whimper as you pull back… but you bring it to my lips letting me lick my pussy juices off the head… I get on my knees and look up at you making sure you watch as I take you in my mouth… I feel your hands fist in my hair, shoving your dick down my throat… you pull back a little and a moan escapes my lips… you set the rhythm with your hands as I stroke and suck your dick… getting it nice and wet… slow and fast… teasing and pleasing… you pull me up and bend me over the counter… I can feel the sting of your hand as you plant a firm spank on my ass before filling my pussy… I can feel myself stretching for you, to fit it all… You grab my hair and pound into me… I’m arching my back to try and take you deeper… my pussy starts to convulse as my release takes over and a moment later I can feel you sliding out as you coat my ass and back in your seed…


STORY: Rainy Day…

You call to tell me you’re on your way over. I hear the thunder outside my window as the rain hits the glass… I put on my skirt and white beater and go outside to wait for you, the car is parked towards the back of the house, and I have a surprise waiting. I text you about my surprise and wait for you to arrive.

I sit on the hood letting the rain cascade down my nearly naked body, and letting it soak the fabric of my white beater. I’m getting anxious but I hear your car pull into the driveway, you make your way towards the back of the house and see me sitting on the hood. My shirt is see through by now and you can see my hard nipples as my left hand teases one over the fabric and my right hand is strategically teasing the inside of my thigh.

Without asking for your surprise you walk up and push my back against the hood, pulling me closer so I can wrap my legs around your waist and grind my clit against your already hard cock while you taste my rain soaked body.
When you go to remove my panties, you find your surprise. Lifting the skirt up a little further you begin to taste my juices, you move your mouth over my clit and work my pussy with your fingers. I’m begging you to fill me but you tell me if I don’t quit I’ll be gagged, I consider my options but remain quiet for the time being. Then you warn me I am not allowed to cum until you tell me.

You flip me over and push my face down onto the car, I can feel my nipples straining for release and the pressure from the hood is getting me more excited by the minute. I can feel my pussy pulsing, waiting for your permission to release the pleasure you’ve created. Caught up in the moment, I hadn’t realized you had unzipped your pants. I feel you stretch me as you enter my tight wet pink pussy in one powerful thrust. I scream out in pleasure. You have one hand on my hip and the other wrapped in my hair as you fill me again and again.

You stop suddenly and drop to your knees to prolong my release further, because you know its killing me. I feel you start to lick my pussy and when you move your mouth to let your fingers start to tease you let your tongue slide up a little further over my ass, licking and sucking, I feel the sting as you give it a nice smack but you never move your lips, you keep letting them tease me while my juices coat your hands, I can’t hold it any longer, you feel my body contract around your fingers and my juices flow down your chin.

Uh-oh, I know I’m going to pay for that.

You have a pleased look on your face but I know that’s because you were excited for the punishment. You command me to get on my knees, I obey, and open my mouth without hesitation as you grab the back of my head and pull it towards your straining black cock, just waiting to fuck my mouth, my mouth starts to water just before you push it in as far as it will go. You pull back and say with a wicked smile, that this isn’t my punishment.

You lay down your new set of rules, I have to do every thing you say, if I hesitate or make a mistake, there is an associated punishment.

To start, you tie my legs to the bumper so I’m spread eagle on the car, then you tell me I’m not allowed to make a single sound, just before wrapping your lips around my clit and gently sucking, I bite my lip and am able to keep my moan to myself, but I’m in pure agony, then you put two fingers in my pussy at the same time as you lick my clit and you hear my moan.

“Mala Mami” I hear you say before you pull me forward and command me to suck on your nutsac until you make a noise. I hear your deep intake of breath thru gritted teeth and I know you’re enjoying the tortuous tease of my mouth so I pretend that I don’t hear it. I lick every inch getting it nice and wet so when I take each nut in my mouth one at a time it slides right in, I suck and twirl my tongue around it, teasing every piece of skin on your nutsac slowly and surely then you grunt and push my face away.

With a knowing smile that you’re almost ready for release, I await my next set of commands. “Using only one finger, you must get yourself off, while stroking me with your other hand, and you must cum before me”

I begin to stroke your cock as I rub slowly on my clit. My pussy is drenched from the rain and your tasty punishment and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to last so I start to stroke you hard and fast, while using a twisting motion, and every once in a while running the palm of my hand across the head of your cock in a quick motion for a surprise sensation. I look at your face and ask you to cum for me, but with a gritty smile you say, “you first”. I almost stop playing with my clit but your smile darkens and you say the punishments worse if you do it half-assed.

I start to tease my slit before pushing my finger in as far as it will go, and speed up the way I’m stroking you, at the same time I begin to fuck myself faster and harder, letting my palm rub over my clit, by this time I’m stroking you so fast that my hand has a numbing tingling feeling… I can feel your dick throbbing for release as I’m stroking it, then you stop me, and start doing it your self as you tell me to lay back on the car but not to stop playing with myself and to make sure I get off when you say this time…. You are just about to get off so you command me to cum now, within seconds my juices are flowing down the car as you coat my chest and stomach in your cum.

SHORT STORY: After the movie…

We leave the movies… I got a dress on wit no panties underneath… My pussy already dripping ’cause you was teasing me during the movie… As soon as we get in the back door of my place you push me over the couch… Pull my dress up and pull your cock out… You start rubbing it up and down my pussy.. I’m Pushing back trying to take it in…. You fist up my hair and push my back down and use your other hand to guide your dick in… I’m bitin’ on my lip as my pussy stretches to take you all In… You move inside me a bit while you smack my ass hard enough to leave a hand print… You grab my hips and get to work… I’m keepin my arch best I can and backing into you… You fuck me harder still and ask me who’s pussy is this… I’m bout to cum so I can’t even answer… You feel the rush of my release coat ur dick… You pull out and put it in my mouth… I’m licking my juices off and stroking you til your seed coats my tounge… Then I tell you to finish taking your pants and shoes off and drag you upstairs….

We get upstairs… I reach into my toy box and I grab out the Anal beads and lube… I bend over… You lube ’em up and put ’em in slowly… One bead at a time as I’m playing wit my pussy… You flip me over so I’m on my back and start kissin’ on my neck and down my belly… I’m gripping the sheets as soon as your tongue flicks over my clit… I try and back away when u start to suck but at the same time I’m scratching on your back and grinding on your face… I start to whimper cuz I miss the feel of you inside me… You use 2 fingers instead and then run them across my lips… I suck and lick at them greedily… Moanin’ around your fingers ’cause your mouth still working it’s magic and then I feel you inside me again… So slow and deliberate… Makin’ my body ache… I’m squirming trying to fuck you but you got me pinned on the bed below you… Torturing me… I’m clenching my pussy up doin’ anything I can to try and find release… You feel my desperation and take control… You put my legs up on your shoulders and get to fucking me… In & out… I got my hands on your nipples.. Pinching… Before I’m grabbin on ur ass trying to take you deeper… You flip me over on my side… Give me a quick spanking…. You have one hand on my hip and the other on the the end the beads… You start working circles inside me… Teasing me further… Building me higher…. You can feel my pussy gettin’ tighter around you and you start fucking away without mercy… As soon as you feel my orgasm start you tug on the beads pulling ’em out slowly while my pussy milks you dry and I scream out your name…