SHORT STORY: After the movie…

We leave the movies… I got a dress on wit no panties underneath… My pussy already dripping ’cause you was teasing me during the movie… As soon as we get in the back door of my place you push me over the couch… Pull my dress up and pull your cock out… You start rubbing it up and down my pussy.. I’m Pushing back trying to take it in…. You fist up my hair and push my back down and use your other hand to guide your dick in… I’m bitin’ on my lip as my pussy stretches to take you all In… You move inside me a bit while you smack my ass hard enough to leave a hand print… You grab my hips and get to work… I’m keepin my arch best I can and backing into you… You fuck me harder still and ask me who’s pussy is this… I’m bout to cum so I can’t even answer… You feel the rush of my release coat ur dick… You pull out and put it in my mouth… I’m licking my juices off and stroking you til your seed coats my tounge… Then I tell you to finish taking your pants and shoes off and drag you upstairs….

We get upstairs… I reach into my toy box and I grab out the Anal beads and lube… I bend over… You lube ’em up and put ’em in slowly… One bead at a time as I’m playing wit my pussy… You flip me over so I’m on my back and start kissin’ on my neck and down my belly… I’m gripping the sheets as soon as your tongue flicks over my clit… I try and back away when u start to suck but at the same time I’m scratching on your back and grinding on your face… I start to whimper cuz I miss the feel of you inside me… You use 2 fingers instead and then run them across my lips… I suck and lick at them greedily… Moanin’ around your fingers ’cause your mouth still working it’s magic and then I feel you inside me again… So slow and deliberate… Makin’ my body ache… I’m squirming trying to fuck you but you got me pinned on the bed below you… Torturing me… I’m clenching my pussy up doin’ anything I can to try and find release… You feel my desperation and take control… You put my legs up on your shoulders and get to fucking me… In & out… I got my hands on your nipples.. Pinching… Before I’m grabbin on ur ass trying to take you deeper… You flip me over on my side… Give me a quick spanking…. You have one hand on my hip and the other on the the end the beads… You start working circles inside me… Teasing me further… Building me higher…. You can feel my pussy gettin’ tighter around you and you start fucking away without mercy… As soon as you feel my orgasm start you tug on the beads pulling ’em out slowly while my pussy milks you dry and I scream out your name…


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